• M8

    The world's first Android PayTablet


    The world’s best-selling Android SmartPOS


    Android-based & contact-free


    Traditional mobile payment terminal

  • Payment terminals to leverage every sale

    Beautiful Android and Linux powered card machines for any business need. They are powerful devices packed with features and apps to increase customer loyalty, modernize your business, and improve customer experience.

    PAX A920 SmartPOS

    Android SmartPOS

    PAX M30

    PayPhones & PayTablets

    PAX E800 SmartECR

    Android SmartECR

    PAX IM30

    Android SmartKiosks & Unattended

    PAX Q92

    Classic Linux POS

  • PAXSTORE converts terminals into powerful business tools

    • Smarter app management & distribution
    • Ultra-modern terminal management system
    • Value-added tools to empower your business