Accessories for your

    PAX terminals


  • Personalize your PAX terminals

    Use cases to give your payment terminal a different look while keeping it protected.

    Leather cases

    Made from the best quality leather, and tailored to fit the terminal perfectly to give full protection.

    Integrated D-rings to attach the shoulder strap. Cable charging possible without removing the device.

    PAX A920 leather case

    OEMprotector A920 leather case

    PAX A60 leather case

    Other cases

    OEMprotector A920 diamond case

    PAX A920 tactile sticker

    Aid for accessibility mode to help the blind to key in their PINs on the touchscreen of the payment device.

    OEMprotector A920 belt pouch holster

    PAX A920 silicone case

    PAX D220 case holder

    A multi-function case holder that protects both a D220 terminal and your iPad.

  • M8 protective casing & handheld strap

    Tailored to fit the M8 PayTablet to give full protection, while the attached handhelp strap makes it easier for staff to bring the M8 on-the-go.

  • Additional peripherals connectivity

    Pair PAX terminal up with a docking station for printing, charging and additional connectivities

    A920 Pro docking bases

    2 different bases for charging, LAN and wireless connection.

    L920 Pro-BE

    Charging base with wireless & comms

    L920 Pro-BC

    Charging base with power port

    A920 docking bases

    4 different bases for charging, QR code scanning, LAN and wireless connection.

    Similar docking bases are available for A910 and A930.


    Charging base with power port


    Charging base with wireless & comms


    Charging base with QR code scanner


    Charging base with LAN connection

    A50 docking bases


    Single charging station


    Multiple charging stations

    A77 docking base

    D220 mini charging base

    Afraid of running out of battery? The mini charging base will keep your terminal running all day long.

  • Protect your terminals instore

    Allowing merchants to secure PINpads and POS terminals on countertops in a much neater manner, hiding cables and preventing damage caused by falling.

    PAX pole stand PS200

    The PAX pole stand has with tilt and swivel function to provide 180 degrees rotate.

    Supports PAX models the A920, S300, S80, Q30, Q80, PX5, PX7.

    Pole stand with PAX A920

    Pole stand with PAX Q80

    Pole stand with PAX S300

    Accessories for the Aries series

    Magnetic stands

    The perfect accessory to hold a MiniPOS terminal for easier operation. Comes in 2 designs. Compatible with PAX D190.

    Magnetic stand

    Attachable Magnetic Stand

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